We offer habitation in hotel and privte sector and also in every chosen city.

All hotels, which we collaborate, and also residences in private sector

have correspnding level and will please your aspirations.

Habitation we adapt according to your demands. 

Hotel prices and lower.

For travel groups we offer discount.

The choise of dwelling will please all your expectations.


Hotel George Hotel Sv'yatoslav Eurohotel Grand Hotel

room in hotel George room in hotel Sv'yatoslav room in Eurohotel room in Grand Hotel

restaurant in George hotel restaurant in Sv'yatoslav hotel restaurant in Eurohotel restaurant in Grand Hotel


Hotel Ekran Hotel Galaktyka Hotel Ukrainian Residence Motel Galicia

room in hotel Ekran room in Galaktyka hotel room in Ukrainian Residence hotel room in Galicia motel

restaurant in Ekran hotel restaurant in hotel Galaktyka restaurant in hotel Ukrainian Residence restaurant in motel Galicia


private sector of Lviv - all proposed flats are situated in the central part of the town


prospect Svobody Gogola street Grygorenka street Konyskoho street

Nasypna street Danylyshyna street Hrebinky street Franka street