Bernardine Church on the Square Halytski Monument to F. Smolka near the Earth Bank Theatre of Opera and Ballet Pavilion of Art at the Eastern Markets

Galician Parliament Building, now - University Latin Cathedral Bagatelle - Formerly Casino de Paris The Grand Opening Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz Wine Trade StadtMuller Mariacki Square Royal Palace

Church of St. Mary Magdalene Entrance to the Eastern Markets Horse Riding in Lviv Lviv Beer

View of Academic Street Region Building Hotel George The ark built as the antrance opportunity arrival Franc Jozef on the Eastern Markets

Nobility Casino, now - Scientists Building Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. Yura Library on the Mohnatskoho Street Figure of the Holy Jan from Dukla opposite Bernardine Church

Building of the Cemetery Defenders of Lviv According to Rudolph's Indruh Project  Bathroom of St. Sophia Statue of Virgin Mary of the Bernardine Church Hotel Grand

Gravestone of the Ivanovich Family on the Lychakiv Cemetery Saint Ann Church Tenements of the South Side of the Rynok (Market Square) Cemetery Defenders of Lviv in the Soviet Era

Lviv Institute of Music One of the Pavilions on the Eastern Markets John the Baptist Church - the Eldest Church of Lviv Gravestone of the Armenian Archbishop Samuel Stefnovich on the Lychakiv Cemetery

Saint Elisabeth Church Monument to Kornej Ujejski near Urban Casino at Academic Street St. Nicolas Church Passage of the Mikolash

Monument to A. Fredro at Academin Street Pavilion of the Industry at the Eastern Markets Theatre of Opera and Ballet Linen and Wool Miechyslav's Zagorski at the Market Square

Park in the Old Town Tempel Synagogue The Privileged Factory of Libra J. Stankevych'es and Microscope C. Reihert's Eastern Side of Lviv University - Faculty of Law

Lviv Green Area Sapieha's Palace at the Copernic Street Pogon-Lviv - Beginnings of the Second after England Football Old Jewish Cemetery

West Side of the Rynok (Market Square) Tower of the Town Hall Municipal Park in Lviv Pavilion of Weapon on the Eastern Markets

Southern Side of the Rynok (Market Square) Monument to Polish King Jan III Sobieski on the Hetmans Shafts Cemetery Defender of Lviv Eastern Side of Market Square, - middle the Blackstone Tenement House

View of Lviv from the Vysokyi Zamok (The High Castle) Cheap Beer Lviv Monument to Agenor Goluhovski near the Lviv University Tower of Bernardine Church

Photo from Marian Turski's Collection - the Director and Main Initiator of Eastern Markets View Hetmans Shafts Lecture on Lviv University Entrance to the City Hall - composition Hospitality created by Leonardo Marconi to the occasion of arrival Franc Joseph to the Eastern Markets in 1880. Dissappeared in 1944.